A Day At Tadpull

Here’s what a typical day looks like

8:30 AM Check-In

Everyone chimes in via instant messaging on their to-do’s for the day and how long they expect each task to take.

It’s also a great chance to reach out and ask for help on anything and ensures we all hit the day executing efficiently.

Morning Deep Work

Blessed with modern WiFi, we believe in letting people choose what environments are their preferences for deep work.

Some hit the office and some post up at home or even abroad if they are working offsite. This focused time let’s us all get into a good flow-state with minimal interruptions.

Afternoon Meetings

Our afternoons tend to be dedicated to internal and client meetings building on how we spend our mornings in focused work sessions and reviewing data.

Post-It notes and whiteboards tend to be heavily used with insights from our analytics platform and comparing against client revenue goals.

Work Ends

We want people out the door at the end of the day and enjoying all that life has to offer in the off hours without email or text message interruptions.

Many of our teammates hit the trails, gym, yoga studio and get home in time for a relaxing evening with family and friends.