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Digital Marketing Intern

This entry-level paid position is designed for those that are curious about all things related to growing traffic and conversions online for our global clients. In addition, the successful candidate will have a strong appreciation and curiosity for using data to guide campaign design and execution with strong personal organizational skills.

Job Description

The Digital Marketing Intern supports the Services team with basic project-related tasks and, in the process, gains a foundational knowledge of Tadpull clients and the work we do for our clients across the globe.

Overall, our hope is that interns get a good feel for the Tadpull culture, while learning the ins and outs of project work. Interns would learn how to produce results for clients across SEO, Paid, Social, and Email channels while using our software – the Tadpull Pond.

The goal of the internship is for candidates to earn full-time employment at Tadpull. Through the experience, both parties can assess whether the company culture is a good fit, on both sides of the table.

What We Look For

Successful candidates that have transitioned into a full-time role at Tadpull have demonstrated the following traits:

  • Strong self-starter and “I bet I can figure it out” type attitude.
  • Show up prepared for client and team meetings and can be delegated tasks to completion with minimal oversight.
  • Display a strong team mindset with empathy for others and lifting the team up in their own special way.
  • Say “we” and not “I” in conversations about projects and results.
  • Hack on side projects just for fun or just to “figure out how something works”.
  • Are strong self-learners and enjoy reading and mastering new digital platforms on the fly.
  • Not afraid of ambiguity and collecting data to get answers using the scientific method.
  • Appreciate long and difficult challenges (there are plenty of them in a startup and e-commerce).
  • Start sentences in a brainstorm with “Yes, and…” instead of “But that won’t work because”.


Our interns work alongside our data scientists, digital marketers, and software engineers on a variety of projects for clients. This is a hands-on role where you will be interacting with global clients and presenting your work and ideas in person and over video conference.  

You will be handed real tasks and expected to deliver real results while being mentored by some of the sharpest minds in the industry today.  


  • Pursuing a BS/BA in Marketing, Economics, Finance, or Accounting
  • Ideal GPA: 3.5+
  • Exemplary written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to quickly learn and work across Google Analytics, WordPress, Shopify, MailChimp, Facebook + Google Ads, Search Console, and Photoshop or Canva.
  • Extra points for grit, positive attitude, and previous internship experience

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