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Software Developer

Programming skills: coding, design, testing, system maintenance and QA.

Experience: generally between 2 and 7 years

Company Background

Tadpull is an eCommerce software company that helps mid-market eCommerce teams compete in an increasingly competitive online environment by empowering them to make smarter decisions based on their data. We aggregate a custom dataset from analytics, eCommerce platforms, enterprise resource planning systems, and more, then apply AI and ML to surface insights. 

Our team is multidisciplinary and brings together individuals with domain expertise in business, statistics/math, digital marketing, eCommerce, and programming. Tadpull is exceedingly nimble and innovative, and our team is quick to recognize and execute on opportunities.

Tadpull is an 8-year-old company based in Bozeman, Montana, however, we have a number of remote team members that live or spend significant time in other locations. 


Software engineers at Tadpull have significant autonomy and ownership for our proprietary software product. 

A successful candidate will have the ability to take loosely defined requests, break down complex tasks, make reasonable decisions, and operate fairly independently between periodic check-ins with light project management. We’re looking for an additional software engineer to join our team of full-stack web developers working on our proprietary software.


This is essential for interactions with internal (Tadpull teammates) and external (users) across all channels including emails, Slack notifications, meetings, and conference calls. Effective communication includes proactive status updates, structured fact-based rationale for recommendations and decisions as well as collaboration with teammates. In addition, all engineers need to bring a willingness to learn from other disciplines - such as data science and digital marketing - as our company works across a variety of disciplines.

Critical thinking

The ability to balance short-term needs with long-term goals; consider what could go wrong; find requirements and look for creative solutions. This is particularly important for the software as each line of code represents future technical debt. 


Scrappy, takes ownership, displays the capacity to work on a problem until it’s solved, motivated by finding solutions rather than pointing out problems.

Required skills:

  • Experience with a strongly-typed object-oriented language like C# 
  • Comfortable in multidisciplinary teams
  • Experience working with databases and query languages
  • Has contributed to projects with multiple collaborators using version control (Git) 
  • Component-based JavaScript framework (Angular, React, or Vue)
  • Familiar with Git
  • API experience 

Preferred skills:

  • C# and .NET Core experience
  • Angular/Typescript experience 

Key Tasks

  • Responsible for developing specifications for key product features 
  • Breaks large requests down into sub-tasks, and provides regular status updates
  • Writes test plans and actively seeks clarity when needed 
  • Sets measurable goals, and meets them
  • Keeps an eye toward performance and scalability  
  • Helps mentor new hires or subcontractors
  • Provides education and support to services teammates

Unsuccessful behaviors

  • Disappears into projects that don’t matter to the business or end-user.
  • Fails to identify or communicate big roadblocks
  • Inflexible on key priorities 
  • Us-vs-them attitude 
  • Continually underestimates timelines 
  • Solutions are more complicated than necessary

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