Meet The Tadpull Pond Software

One place to run all your eCommerce.

Inventory & Marketing

Beautifully coexisting. We help teams monitor top-selling products, high margin items, and fast movers to make informed decisions on which products to promote or not promote.

Now you can uncover which marketing campaigns produce your most profitable customers.

We help marketers in three simple, powerful steps.


From site analytics to social media to ERP data, our powerful software pulls together and analyzes all your data in one single place. 


We use the power of data science to uncover the small digital marketing tweaks and leverage NetSuite ERP insights to bring a significant impact to your bottom line.


We set up handy notifications so you can catch critical problems across inventory and then help automate customer acquisition across SEO, Social Media, Paid and Email channels. 

Our Approach

Mid-market companies today have to track and react to a ridiculous amount of data.
Our mission is to bring all this info into one place for easy analysis and surface just-in-time insights to increase efficiencies and profit.
(Yes, you can do more with less.)

Built for NetSuite

As part of NetSuite’s Commerce Agency Program, we’ve worked hand in hand to build a software platform that is certified by NetSuite to seamlessly leverage one of your biggest assets – your data.

Pull in your ERP data + your customer records and be amazed at what our data science can surface for the opportunities to get more out of your eCommerce investment.


of marketers struggle to make business decisions based on data

Tadpull Pond software is a very helpful tool to be able to view, combine, and collect all the digital data that’s coming from so many different sources. It’s really helping to understand and be able to analyze, at a glance, a large amount of data and be able to start making smart decisions with it.  Outi Pulkkinen