Digital Strategy Workshops

Post-It Notes + Big Ideas = Big Opportunities

Education is in our DNA

Drawing on our cofounders long background in academia and teaching undergraduate, graduate and executive education courses for 10+ years, we live to share what we’re learning in collaborative hands-on ways.

Often our clients will bring us onsite to do a full one or two day workshop for how to scale their e-commerce business or innovate for their users off the data and emerging trends.

E-Commerce Scaling

Scaling an e-commerce business requires solid technology, a savvy digital marketing team, predictive analytics and the ability to execute across inventory and seasonality.

In this two day workshop we step through all the major milestones needed to build a profitable direct to consumer business model and pitfalls to avoid.

This option is perfect for businesses juggling Amazon, brick and mortar and a direct to consumer online channel.

Technology Roadmaps

This technology focused workshop dives into the interplay across ERP, e-commerce platforms, data science and digital marketing campaign management.

The result is a roadmap for what needs to be built against the overall business goals or finance milestones to be achieved.

This is ideal for companies overwhelmed with evaluating technology options and concerned about over or under investing and needing a seasoned team to lay out a strategic plan.


Story Mapping

This is by far our most creative design thinking workshop. Here we look at your digital brand experience through the eyes of your user across devices and channels.

In this wildly fun half day session, we’ll explore emerging interfaces like voice and augmented reality and come up with a variety of prototype ideas for collecting and building datasets and user engagement.

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