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Our work with Duckworth has touched on all channels of digital marketing and has ranged from executing paid campaigns, to consulting on email strategy. Also as part of our relationship, we conduct both on-site and virtual coaching sessions as well as provide training materials to aid in execution of the overarching eCommerce strategy.

Services Provided

Coaching and Training

Ecommerce and Digital Marketing Strategy

Cross Channel Digital Marketing Support

Landing Page Development

Site Optimization

Data Analysis

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Dynamic Catalogs

Once Facebook pixel data was effectively being captured, attentioned was turned to creating and managing an effective manual Product Catalog. At the outset, a limited product set with consistent stock and high click through rates were chosen to dynamically appear in ads based on user engagement on site. After our initial test provided positive returns (with minimal ad spend), the product catalog was expanded to include the entire Duckworth clothing line. The below list outlines the necessary steps that were taken to accomplish this.

  • Download Product Data
  • Format for Facebook Feed
  • Upload to Facebook Ads Manager

Once the product catalog was created, different ad groups within the overarching dynamic product catalog campaign were setup in order to test various aspects of the campaign.

  • Ad Types
  • Overlays & Creative
  • Audience Targeting
  • Placements (News Feed vs Side Bar, etc.)

As time went on, we were able to identify successful audience targeting, creative and placement strategies to help drive consistent ROIs.


Lead Ads

On the lead ads side, the first step was to create a custom lead form for users to enter their information to directly in Facebook. Next, as was the case with dynamic catalog ads, we were able to test different audience types by uploading a customer email list (and creating a lookalike audience) and also by utilizing web activity as tracked by the Facebook Pixel.


Proven Results

After working with the Duckworth development team to implement advanced pixel tracking, a conservative approach was taken as a test phase with the goal to determine the effectiveness of paid Facebook campaigns going forward. As time went on, minimizing the cost per acquisition of leads and achieving a ROAS of between 300% and 400% became benchmarks to work from.


Dynamic Catalog ROAS



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