Join Our Team

At Tadpull, we believe in the power of diverse teams over individual heroes.

Our Greatest Asset

We seek out smart but humble people with an obsession for making things better.

Tadpullians come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from physics to marketing to mathematics to computer science to design.

And yet everyone here approaches their area of speciality more like a calling and not a career.

Which makes coming to work a joy for all of us because you know the person to your left and to your right is just as passionate and dedicated as you are for learning and getting better on behalf of the team and not for updating their LinkedIn page.

Sound like fun?

Explore how we hire below. 

The Interview Process

Here’s a quick breakdown of how we hire

1. Interview with President & Cofounder

Casual in-person or video interview with our cofounder and President, Jake Cook, to discuss opportunities.

4. Challenge Project

A short one-pager challenge where we present a problem based on your area of speciality and give you the opportunity to dazzle us with your skills and analysis usually involving a dataset of some sort. 

2. Interview with Director of Product & Data Science

Follow-up interview with our cofounder & Director of Product & Data, Eulalie Cook, PhD.

5. Trial Period

Following success for all the above, we enter into a trial paid consulting engagement to see what it’s like to work alongside each other on a daily basis (and if the culture and problem space is a good fit for you and for us).

3. Interview with the Team

A group interview with Tadpullians across digital marketing, software development, and data science.

6. Full-Time Employment

Finally, full time employment status is offered and we draft a two year plan for compensation based on your personal and professional growth goals using Objectives & Key Results as a framework. 

We Hire Great People

Our teammates – note we don’t call them employees – have incredible autonomy.

We interview and hire for those that naturally like to be challenged and thus don’t need to be micromanaged.

Here’s what we look for: 

  • Display a strong team mindset with empathy for others.
  • Obsess over users and customer centricity.
  • Say “we” and not “I” in conversations about projects and results.
  • Hack on side projects just for fun or just to “figure out how something works”.
  • Interested in the arts or a creative pursuit like music, writing or cooking.
  • Are strong self-learners and enjoy reading and mastering new platforms on the fly.
  • Not afraid of ambiguity and collecting data to get answers using the scientific method.
  • Appreciate long and difficult challenges (there are plenty of them in a startup and e-commerce).
  • Start sentences in a brainstorm with “Yes, and…” instead of “But that won’t work because”.

Our Benefits

We believe in taking care of our employees with a best-in class package


Remote Work

We believe in trusting our team to get great work done and from places outside our headquarters.


Our insurance policy covers all the above and offers options for dependents as well (In addition to a Wellness Stipend).

401K + Matching

We match employee contributions for salary and bonuses for all employees to build their retirement savings.

Paid Vacation

Time away is time to play and we want our team enjoying their downtime. In addition, we take 12/25 – 1/2 as company PTO.

Catered Lunches

There is such a thing as a free lunch and it happens every other week around here with a dynamic menu and lively conversation.

Company Trips

Jackson Hole or a digital conference, we like to get out of town together and explore new terrain and ideas together.

What We Value

We’re big on the following cultural themes

Data Driven

Ecommerce is a mathematical optimization problem and data drives all our strategic efforts day in and day out around here.

Continuous Learning

The speed of digital requires us all to be constantly learning and experimenting to produce consistent results for our clients.

Teams Over Heroes

There’s nothing more satisfying than working on a world-class team that has your back and collectively produces remarkable results.

A Day At Tadpull

Curious what it’s like to work here? Get a breakdown of how our team works throughout the day.