What if...

You received a text when a product was selling out?

See how we are humanizing data

We help marketers in three simple, powerful steps.


The metrics that matter in one place. From website analytics to social media (and even ERP data!), our agile software pulls together your favorite dashboards into one single "pond".


For big wins across digital channels. We uncover the small changes that can bring a significant impact to your bottom line and we’ll also set up handy notifications so you’re in the loop on critical campaign updates.

With guidance from our tenured team of digital marketers, designers and developers. From SEO to paid advertising, we’ll coach you through best practices and even dive in on execution wherever you can use the support.

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Our Data Pond Approach

Companies have to track and report on a vast pond of data with various vendor lily pads for their customers’ interactions.

Our mission is to bring all of this data into one place for easy analysis and just-in-time insights to increase efficiency and profit for ecommerce companies.

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Inventory & Marketing

Beautifully coexisting. We help teams monitor top-selling products, high margin items, and fast movers to make informed decisions on which products to promote or not promote.

This means we can uncover data trends and find out which marketing campaigns have the lowest CPA and highest ROI.

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Our Premier Partnerships


We’re honored to be members of NetSuite’s exclusive Commerce Agency Program (CAP), vetted as a NetSuite partner across design and digital marketing. Our software also syncs with NetSuite ERP data, providing a real-time inventory dashboard to guide marketing campaign efforts.

Tadpull is an official partner of the Shopify Experts Program (SEP) and we provide digital support to first-time and long-time Shopify Plus customers. Our proprietary in-house software can also pull in your live inventory data for a 360 degree view of campaign results and products sold.