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2021 Mountains & Metrics

Virtual Conference Replay
The eCommerce revolution is still on the rise in 2021. As marketers and executives prepare for the holiday season and look ahead to 2022, the following trends remain top of mind: Facebook vs. iOS, broken inventory, and 1st + 0 party data. Join the experts in eCommerce for this 90 minute replay where you won't just be informed about the trends in eCommerce, you'll learn what to do about them.
Key Timestamps
(2:47) Hi, We're Tadpull
(3:23) eCommerce Trends
(14:23) Growing Traffic | SEO
(23:47) Growing Traffic | Paid Media
(35:50) Growing Traffic | Email/SMS
(44:31) Growing Traffic | Referral *Tadpull Labs Exclusive
(46:00) Converting Users
(1:05:21) Retaining Customers
(1:19:06) Private eCommerce Workshops *Tadpull Labs Exclusive

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October 28th | 2:30 - 4:00 MST

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