Ecommerce Workshop for Private Equity Firms

Learn How To Unlock Ecommerce Business Value Across Your Portfolio

On May 8-10, Tadpull and Theta are taking their executives on the road to New York to deliver a limited number of educational workshops on using customer-level data to identify, predict and optimize revenue-driving behavior to increase the value of ecommerce companies in your portfolio.

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What can I expect?

The two-hour workshop provides private equity firms with actionable insights on how to evaluate customer data, find growth opportunities, and make successful exits.

Due Diligence

Gain a competitive edge and make investment decisions with knowledge and speed.

Value Creation & Exits

Improve customer value of portfolio companies and maximize ROI when exiting.

Meet the Experts

Jake Cook
Co-Founder & CEO, Tadpull

Jake Cook is cofounder and CEO at Tadpull, working across ecommerce, digital marketing, and predictive analytics. While he’s worked for companies like Google and Microsoft, these days he’s motivated by helping mid-market companies compete smarter by turning messy datasets into predictable profit with the power of AI and smart execution.

An adjunct professor since 2007, Jake holds dual teaching appointments at Montana State University and the University of Montana while also guest lecturing at Harvard Business School on the topics of data science and ecommerce. He’s open-sourced all his course materials at

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