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October 28th | 2:30 - 4:00 MST

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2022 Virtual eCommerce Workshop

October 27th | 2:30 - 4:00 MST

Facebook vs. iOS? Broken Inventory? Amazon? Trends in eCommerce? We'll unpack it all (and give you some secret tips).

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Grow, Convert & Retain

Conference Agenda

Join us October 27, 2021 starting at 2:30pm MST, for equal parts inspiration and innovation.

This 90 minute webinar will cover how mid-market companies can grow their traffic, boost site conversions and reward their highest value customers.

We will also be previewing some exciting client case studies driven from emerging AI features in the Tadpull Pond software.

Grow Traffic (30 minutes)
SEO: The power of timely topics to boost rankings
Paid Ads: Why 1st + 0 party data is key to lowering ad costs
Email + SMS: Predictable revenue on a channel you own
Referral: The rise of micro influencers and measuring ROI
Convert + Retain Traffic (30 minutes)
Conversion Killers: Simple site fixes that drive results - Bolt
Customer Lifetime Value: The math your CFO will love
Personalization + ERP: Right Product for the Right Customer
What's Next? (30 minutes)
Post COVID and consumer behavior shifts afoot
Tadpull Pond: Preview of upcoming automations & AI
Live Q&A Session
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"I really like the intimacy ... brainstorming and collaboration with other people in the same industry was very useful."

Eric Seymour, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
We Partnered With The Best To Bring You

Private eCommerce Workshops

Designed for teams looking to leverage the latest insights and eCommerce strategies. We've partnered with the best to provide your team with innovative (but simple) solutions to today's challenges in eCommerce.

Structured around Tadpull's 3 step framework for growing eCommerce revenue (grow, convert, retain) your team will work hands-on to address relevant topics like broken inventory, iOS vs. Facebook, the value of customer data and more.


Who is Tadpull?
We are an eCommerce automation software platform with deep experiences in scaling digital businesses using data from ERP, Customer and Digital Marketing Campaigns.
Who do you help?
Mid-market companies who are tasked with achieving big results with small teams. Our mission is to arm these leaders and operators with the same AI tools as the Big Tech firms have at their fingertips.
What will I learn?
We guarantee you will come away with a few key ideas to capitalize on the Holiday 2021 opportunity which promises to be the biggest in the history of retail. In addition, you’ll be versed in what’s coming with eCommerce AI and the massive consumer shift.
Can I invite my whole team?
Absolutely - the more the merrier. This will bridge both strategic and tactical tips. Just be sure to have them fill out their own registration and we’ll be sure to get them added to our email list. 
How much does the conference cost?
We know budgets are tight this year, so we’re waiving our annual conference fee and allowing anyone to attend. Normally, this is $350/person. We only ask for strong participation in the Q&A sections.  
What happens after I register? 
You’ll get a little surprise package from us, courtesy of support from our sponsors that gets you in the Halloween mood and a calendar invite to join at 2:30 MST on October 28th.

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