How To Build SMS Into Your Email Strategy
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Rethinking Your Growth Strategy

How to build SMS into your email strategy & increase customer lifetime value

A customer-centric growth strategy prioritizes providing personalized experiences for customers based on data they provide to you. Join Klaviyo and Tadpull to discover how a customer-centric email and SMS strategy can have you rethinking your growth strategy.

This workshop will provide you with the knowledge to:

  • Create a cross-channel strategy with SMS and email

  • Grow your SMS list by +35% month over month

  • Achieve a 14.6% average click rate

  • Collect customer data to provide personalized experiences

  • Nurture automation using customer interests

"I really like the intimacy...brainstorming and collaboration with other people in the same industry was very useful."

Eric Seymour
Social & New Media Manager
Jackson Hole