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Accelerate Profitable Growth with Ecommerce Data Pond

Customer, inventory, and campaign data are foundational to ecommerce success. Tadpull's proprietary software unifies these key data sources, enabling teams to make clear and agile business decisions.

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"Through our collaboration with Tadpull, merchants who use BigCommerce can optimize margin and profitability in their ecommerce business through an advanced approach to analytics and data sources."
Oboz Footwear
Marc Ostryniec, Chief Sales Officer

You have all the data, now what?

Pond extends BigCommerce’s capabilities by combining ERP and website data, layered with predictive analytics, to surface insights that increase revenue. It uses data science and AI to optimize paid digital ads, email, SEO and more.

Is your ecommerce data fueling rapid growth? It should be.

Ecommerce Data Pond helps BigCommerce merchants:

Personalize customer experiences
Find and keep the right customers
Build valuable customer relationships
Maximize lifetime value of customers
Grow predictably and profitably

Quick and easy financial forecasting

Ecommerce Data Pond's Forecast Goals feature enables BigCommerce merchants to make smarter, faster decisions by having real-time access to accurate financial projections. 

Use machine learning to analyze past patterns, trends, and outcomes to generate reliable forecasts.
Eliminate the need for manual data collection and analysis, making teams more agile while also saving them time.
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Powerful segmentation and profitable personalization

The 1:1 Customer Analytics Script empowers you to collect customer information and use it to personalize the online shopping experience. With Tadpull's proprietary script, you can:

Build a 2+ year window of 1:1 site behavior data, which allows for more accurate attribution compared to the limited windows provided by Google Analytics, Meta Ads, and other third-party pixels.
Link onsite events to specific customers, enabling you to segment customers based on common attributes. Powered by machine learning, these 1:1 records can also predict future spending behavior, churn, and other behaviors at an individual level.
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“Tadpull Pond is an easy-to-use and very helpful app that provides insightful data broken down in ways that are easy to comprehend. I would recommend the software to any ecommerce brand/retailer looking to analyze website data and identify customer trends. Some of my favorite features include easy campaign tracking, NPS score snapshots, easy to read marketing channel performance metrics, and intuitive dashboards for all of your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly ecommerce metrics. It is a one-stop shop for the current state of your business."
Zach Kincaid, Ecommerce Manager

Get a growth partner, not just software

Overwhelmed by the data? Tadpull's team of data scientists and strategists are here to help BigCommerce merchants succeed. We digest the data and make actionable recommendations that help ecommerce companies grow and thrive.

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