From Attention To Retention:
Using Customer Insights To Strategically Foster Loyalty

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Live eCommerce Case Study & Webinar

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May 26, 2021 | 10:00 - 10:45 MST

How can businesses grow quickly and profitably? By finding and improving the lifetime value of their customers.

Based on this quick 5-minute read from McKinsey, it’s clear that loyalty is more important now than ever. The proof is easy to find: by running machine learning on customer cohorts for repeat customers and future cash flows, we can easily predict the percent lift in revenue that would occur for each percent that our test brand improves customer retention by.

Loyalty programs are the first frontier to getting those valuable customers to return, but how do you go about building a loyalty program and ensuring it delivers enough value to your customers to drive up CLV, especially in a niche market or with atypical product offerings?

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3 Steps To Profitability: Convert Traffic, Streamline Marketing, And Establish Loyalty

Webinar Agenda

Join us May 26th, 2021, starting at 10:00am MST, for equal parts analysis and inspiration.

This 45-minute webinar will cover how mid-market companies can analyze their customer data to obtain insights that will drive retention strategies. In this real-time case study session, we’ll examine a use case from a brand that has volunteered to be analyzed.

By using a real-life client example, we’ll be able to demonstrate the questions retail companies should ask themselves and the opportunities they should be taking advantage of as they work towards designing loyalty.

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Customer/Financial Analysis With Tadpull
(15 minutes)
Analyzing data through Customer Lifetime Value, cohort creation, retention models, and propensity analysis
Analyzing product data with seasonality, transaction predictability, time between purchases, etc.
Use machine learning to predict behavior by cohort or products to maximize cash flows to use as a basis for loyalty strategizing
Strategically Driving Loyalty With Annex Cloud
(15 minutes)
Mapping out the customer journey and aligning goals with client visions
Outlining current interactions and messaging
Identifying opportunities to increase value across the entire journey by leveraging loyalty data
Case Study Review and Open Discussion
(15 minutes)
Review impact loyalty can have on results
Open Q&A for attendees

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Who is putting this event on?
Tadpull is an eCommerce software and services provider with deep experience in scaling digital businesses using automation. Tadpull collects and unifies first party data from ERPs, customer input, and digital marketing campaigns to create results that go beyond boring analytics dashboards to make smart marketing easier than ever before and conversions guaranteed too.

Annex Cloud is a Loyalty Experience Platform and solution provider that combines best-in-class loyalty program management capabilities with powerful engagement modules to help you seamlessly connect, engage, and grow your customer relationships at scale.
Can I invite my whole team?
Absolutely - the more the merrier. This will bridge both strategic and tactical tips. Just be sure to have them fill out their own registration and we’ll be sure to get them added to our email list. 
What will I learn?
We guarantee you will come away with a few key ideas to capitalize on your existing data sources and to streamline your eCommerce strategy and think about new ways to foster loyalty in unique channels. You will also learn a few simple and tactical analyses you can do yourself to measure your current performance in terms of customer retention and discover opportunities to look into to improve that performance. In addition, all registrants will receive access to exclusive bonus content, resources, and worksheets in the weeks leading up to and following the event.