3 Key Google Analytics Metrics

to create an effective eCommerce marketing strategy

The eCommerce revolution is still on the rise in 2021, with no signs of slowing down. eCommerce marketing teams can stay ahead of trends like broken inventory, Facebook vs. iOS, and first + zero party data by looking at 3 simple metrics in Google Analytics.

This short video will take you back to the core metrics that matter when measuring overall site performance. Create an an effective eCommerce marketing strategy that will grow traffic, convert users, and retain customers using insights from your Google Analytics data.

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Compare Your 3 Key Metrics

The Tadpull Benchmark pools anonymized data from hundreds of eCommerce sites every 24 hours. See how you stack up against competitors and gain insights on revenue, user behavior and site performance.

With this free tool you can compare:

Change in revenue
Revenue factors
Traffic performance by channel
Onsite behavior
Transactions by location
User loyalty & devices
Statistical models at the whiteboard

Free eCommerce Benchmark Tool

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