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Google Analytics 4 Setup For Ecommerce

Learn how to successfully set up your GA4 property ahead of the UA sunset in July 2023. Our guide walks through all the steps necessary for a seamless migration.

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What actions should your team take now to setup your GA4 property?

  • 1. Implement tracking tag

    GA4 requires a your website to have a global site tag. There are several ways to implement the tag, including GTM, in the website code, and via a plugin or third-party tool.

  • 2. Configure GA4 property settings

    There are eleven key settings that need to be adjusted within your GA4 property. These will define how your data is captured and unlock additional reporting insights.

  • 3. Implement ecommerce events

    Users take many actions on ecommerce sites before making a purchase. By tracking these actions as events you can build reports to fully understand the path to purchase.

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