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Shockingly Simple Math For Ecommerce Growth

Learn how to grow customer revenue. Our guide shares the formula and offers actionable strategies and insights you can use to accelerate your ecommerce sales.

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What are the variables that help you grow your ecommerce business?

  • 1. Traffic

    Boost your site's traffic growth will increase the number of paying customers.

  • 2. Conversion rate

    Improving your conversion rate requires a bit more creative and technical expertise to improve, but making it easier to get a visitor through checkout can have massive swings in driving revenue.

  • 3. Average order value

    Increasing average order value is likely the most challenging variable of the formula for ecommerce teams to budget for making improvements, but increases here can have a big impact on the bottom line.

  • That's it - shockingly simple.

    Ecommerce has a very basic equation for predicting revenue: Traffic x Average Order Value x Conversion Rate. Brands looking to boost revenues can use these variables as levers to test new approaches to create growth.

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