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Tadpull Pond eCommerce Solution

Revolutionizing Profitable eCommerce

By unifying customer, product, and campaign data into a single hub powered by advanced machine learning, Tadpull helps businesses grow on their own terms through first party data and smart marketing tools.

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eCommerce inventory monitoring for profitable marketing campaigns

Giving Data Back To The People

Customer Data

Loyalty is the next horizon. Meet your customers right where they are in their journey.

Inventory Data

Boost profitability by optimizing for top-selling products, high margins, and fast movers.

Campaign Data

Understand the paths, digital channels, timelines and resources that influence a purchase.

All your different data sources are unified in one customer data hub, providing complete visibility into the buyer journey. Predictive analytics help you know how to find the right customer, give them the perfect converting offer, and establish consumer loyalty.

With Customer Data, you can:
Know how to calculate Customer Lifetime Value
Capture the voice of the customer
Leverage increasingly important first party data
Personalize in real time with automated customer segmentation and predictive targeting analytics
Understand the customer journey with omnichannel data and behavioral insights

Inventory analytics, the way they are meant to be. A streamlined purchasing dashboard gets rid of unnecessary fluff, giving you actionable data to optimize top-selling, high margin, and fast-moving products for boosted profitability and smarter restocking.

With Inventory Data, you can:
Monitor inventory performance so you never run out of stock again
Find cross-sell products & up-sell opportunities
Optimize inventory turns with machine learning
Identify gateway products to acquire more new customers and find hot products to retain them
Sell more of your high margin items

Pond provides marketing mix modeling based on omnichannel data to help you understand customer paths to purchase, monitor campaign performance, and know how to allocate budget most effectively across different channels and funnel stages.

With Campaign Data, you can:
Take advantage of new vs. returning customer insights to improve Customer Lifetime Value
Understand which channels drive revenue through multi-channel attribution
Receive real-time alerts for performance
Plan cross-channel marketing campaigns
Track campaigns across multiple different channels at once in a single view

Automated Analytics:
Receive Real-Time eCommerce Alerts

Pond monitors key indicators and alerts subscribers in real-time (via "ribbits") whenever important eCommerce metrics are above or below the standard variation.


Track performance against forecasts and business goals.

Sales & Traffic

Get notified of spikes or drops in sales or site traffic.


Receive alerts when customers leave you feedback.

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Real-time Alerts For Sales Increase and Decrease

Integrated eComm Teams

To compete in an Amazon world, you need digital marketers working with data scientists and software developers to optimize using technology, data, and AI.

“By providing both e-commerce software and digital marketing services, Tadpull has leveraged the power of having all your ERP and e-commerce data in the cloud to drive impressive results for clients in real-time.”
Oracle NetSuite
Branden Jenkins, Vice President of Strategy

"In choosing Tadpull, we found a team that was able to lay out a clean strategy that produced results...They’re well-versed on current trends, highly communicative and love using the data to prove results."

Children's Miracle Network
Nick Ward, Vice President, Digital Channels

“The team's expertise in analytics and data-driven marketing has guided our paid advertising efforts as well as site-wide UX improvements."

Jackson Hole
Ned Wonson, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
"Their Tadpull Pond software is helping provide us with the data insights and predictive analytics we need to grow this channel in a highly scalable way. We’ve appreciated their tight processes as we look to build out our SEO, Paid and Email efforts and leverage the asset of our data."
VP of Technology, Caterpillar Workwear

"Tadpull's approach, from wire-framing designs to blueprinting the digital marketing strategy, has revitalized our brand presence online and positioned our team to deploy sophisticated campaigns with data-centric results."

Mystery Ranch
Ryan Holm, Director of Marketing

"Tadpull Pond software is a very helpful tool to be able to view, combine, and collect all the digital data that’s coming from so many different sources. It’s really helping to understand and be able to analyze, at a glance, a large amount of data and be able to start making smart decisions with it."

Outi Pulkkinen

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