Team Tadpull




Jake has been focused on the intersection of design thinking, technology, and marketing since 2004. His love of empathy driven design, Post-it Notes, analytics, and code find him prototyping ideas across all devices. He is the vision behind Tadpull and lends his talents and expertise to help clients chart a course.

Client engagements have included technology pioneers like Microsoft,, Google, The Webby Awards, Medallia and Lowline NYC. An adjunct professor since 2007 at Montana State University, Jake teaches Digital Marketing and leads interdisciplinary education efforts with Design Thinking courses. Jake graduated cum laude with a BA in Physics and an MA in Marketing from Drury University.



Cofounder/Director of Research & Data

Eulalie (you-luh-lee; aka: Lee) has been working at the crossroads of marketing and user insights since 2002. She excels at using primary and secondary market research insights to set the digital strategy across all types of devices and experiences.

Prior to Tadpull, she led and received numerous awards for Montana State University's campus wide branding initiatives across print, web, and video. Eulalie holds a BS in Journalism from Southern Illinois University, a MA in Marketing from Drury University and recently completed her PhD at Montana State University with research interests in consumer choice for Millennials.

Our Crew

Our team is comprised of a multidisciplinary group that includes researchers, digital marketers, designers, and engineers that help clients navigate the digital landscape. We work collaboratively to apply data and creativity to solve big challenges that deliver value and ultimately profit for our clients.


Tadpull’s purpose is to transform people and companies through empathy and technology.

We do that with a combination of software and services that help ecommerce and marketing teams navigate the digital landscape to build strong brands that produce results.



We’re lucky to live in Bozeman, Montana and still get to work alongside world class companies across the globe. Kinda the best of both worlds.

While we spend a bit of time on the road connecting with clients on both coasts and the in-between – the digital nature of our work makes communicating, collaborating, and working remotely a breeze.

And if you should need a strategic off-site (i.e. excuse to hit our majestic ski slopes or fish the  rivers…we won’t say a word. After all, we have two amazing ski resorts, world class fly-fishing, and a 90 minute drive to either the north or west entrance of Yellowstone National Park).

As our clients can attest, you can have fun and still get real work done.



We have an incredible team of problem solvers that work in the the trenches alongside our clients to achieve results. We’ve also invested several years developing a software tool that helps us surface insights and opportunities to delight our clients and their customers.