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Where Do 100-Day Plans Go Wrong?

Where Do 100-Day Plans Go Wrong?

The acquisition and integration of an ecommerce business can be a complex process. There are a few common pitfalls where most 100-day plans can go wrong:

1. Lack of Proper Due Diligence: A successful acquisition starts with thorough due diligence. Failing to fully understand the business model, competitive landscape, or financial health of the target business can lead to significant problems later on.

2. Inadequate Planning: Successful integration requires a detailed and well-thought-out plan. Problems can arise when planning is insufficient, not grounded in reality, or fails to consider all important aspects of the business.

3. Underestimating Operational Complexities: Ecommerce businesses often involve complex logistics, technology infrastructure, and customer-service needs. Underestimating these complexities can lead to disruptions in service, customer dissatisfaction, and other operational challenges.

4. Ignoring Culture and People: Acquisitions are not just about merging systems and processes, but also about merging cultures. Ignoring the cultural aspect can lead to loss of key talent, low morale, and productivity issues.

5. Lack of Clear Communication: Mergers and acquisitions often create uncertainty among employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Failing to communicate clearly and transparently about the process and its implications can lead to resistance, confusion, and fear.

6. Failure to Achieve Quick Wins: Quick wins help to build momentum and confidence in the acquisition process. Failing to achieve these can lead to doubts about the feasibility and value of the acquisition.

7. Poor Technology Integration: Ecommerce is technology-driven. Failure to properly integrate or upgrade the existing technology can result in inefficiencies, lost sales, and a poor customer experience.

Looking for a partner who can help you navigate the acquisition of an ecommerce business? Tadpull is often brought on as a partner to do a deep examination of ecommerce customer and financial data, and audit the tech stack. Essentially, you give us the raw data, we make sense of it. 

Once we have an acute understanding of the ecommerce asset, we give you super tactical ways to unlock more revenue (we are talking quick wins here). From there your team has a clear roadmap to follow. Or, if the team lacks bandwidth or talent, we can work alongside you to help you reach your goals. Learn more about how we work with PE Firms.

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