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Meet The Tadpull Pond eCommerce Solution for Automated Analytics + Reporting

Dashboards tell you what happened. Pond tells you what to do about it.

Pond inventory with gateway products, most profitable products and seasonality

Successful modern eCommerce requires seamless execution across integrated marketing campaigns, inventory management, and customer behavior.

Tadpull Pond software increases sales profitably and makes your job simpler by automating that challenge.

Customer Data Platform

Know Your Best Customers

Start anticipating the needs of customers and meet them where they are in their customer lifecycle.
With Pond as your CDP, the information that matters is easy to see – so you get the most valuable insights right away that are impossible to find or understand in other crowded eCommerce dashboards.
Customer Lifetime Value Models
Monitor the health of your business using custom lifetime value models.
Voice of the Customer
Capture voice of the customer live onsite and build a 360’ view of your customer.
Powerful Behavioral Segmentation
Build powerful segments using predictive analytics for targeting your customer base.
Customer lifetime value and net promoter score analysis
Inventory analysis with product information
Inventory Data Platform

Boost Your Profitability

We help teams optimize top-selling 'hot' products, high margin items, and fast inventory movers to make informed decisions on which profitable products to promote.
Monitor Performance
Easily monitor your inventory performance for sales, seasonality, and under/over performers in a user-friendly inventory analytics dashboard.
Cross-Sell & Up-Sell Opportunities
Drill into individual SKU performance and see what cross-sell and up-sell opportunities exist.
Optimize Inventory Turns
Optimize your profit and inventory turns off your ERP data using AI to better leverage ad platforms.
Campaign Data & Digital Marketing Software

Better Marketing Campaigns

Get a robust view of marketing performance across key digital channels and build cross-channel marketing campaigns optimized around your data.
Customer Journey
See the user journey by new and repeat customers and further refine campaigns.
Campaign Attribution
Understand what is driving revenue in your marketing campaigns with multi-channel analytics across SEO, online ads, email, and social media.
Real-Time Alerts
Receive real-time alerts for campaign performance, Net Promoter Scores®, website health, and low inventory.
eCommerce revenue by channel and customer type
eCommerce sales spike detected alert
eCommerce Performance Monitoring

Alerts & Reporting

Pond monitors key eCommerce metrics to alert (via "ribbits") subscribers in real-time whenever something is above or below the normal variation.
Performance Reports
Get emailed reports of your top-level eCommerce metrics to measure performance and track goals.
Sales & Site Traffic Anomalies
Get notified of spikes or significant drops in eCommerce sales or website traffic.
Customer Feedback
Receive alerts when customers leave feedback on their experience on your website.
How It Works
Predictive AI marketing

Data Integration

Complete Metrics Dashboard

Predictive AI Marketing

eCommerce metricsWeb data integration
Our mission is to give you one powerful marketing hub that delivers the insights and automation to grow your business and protect your margins from Amazon.

We start by unifying your data into one platform. Then, we simplify using data science to provide insights on how to profitably grow based on your best customers and inventory. Finally, we amplify opportunities with artificial intelligence and automation so you can scale your business.
Pond software process
Pond integrates with hundreds of different data sources across every part of your tech stack to give you 360˚ views of your customers, campaigns, and inventory. Not only is it certified Built for Netsuite™, but it works seamlessly with Shopify analytics, BigCommerce data, WooCommerce reports, and more.
Analyzing data in Tadpull Pond Software
Step 1: Get all your data clean and in one place
Step 2: Use data science to simplify the insights
Step 3: Plan effective campaigns + automate with AI

Great Companies Powered By Pond

Find Your Solution

Based on your eCommerce business goals:

For teams of 1-2 looking to better execute integrated online campaigns off data while automatically building out a basic 1:1 view of customers.
Google Analytics Integration
Search Console Integration
Tadpull Pond Pixel Integration
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For teams tasked with aggressive growth and needing one place to execute eCommerce initiatives and catch anomalies in real-time.
ERP Integration
eCommerce Integration
Email Provider Integration
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+ All Basic Features
For teams needing to profitably scale eCommerce sales across a variety of marketing initiatives and data sources with automations.
CRM Integration
Ad Platform Integration
Custom Integrations
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+ All Basic & Standard Features

Find the profit hiding in your data...