An Integrated Approach

To win in today’s noisy world, you must design an experience for all parts of the customer’s journey across SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads and Email channels.

  • Drive Traffic To Your Site
  • Cultivate Your Users
  • Earn a Conversion
  • Reward Loyalty

Integrated Digital Marketing

59% of customers today are evaluating purchase decisions across a variety of online channels on their way to making a buying decision (Source: KPMG). It might start with a Google search and end with a purchase via email. But orchestrating this journey is no small feat. With a strong foundation in user experience (UX) research and analytics, we help you design a digital experience to meet your users in their critical moments.


Customers use one or more online channels in a purchase decision.

How We Drive Traffic

A proprietary approach across four digital channels.


Organic search traffic is often the best type of web traffic. There are two core elements to great search engine optimization (SEO): a solid technology stack, and engaging content that addresses users needs.


  • User driven keyword phrases for product and content
  • Onsite technical SEO support for NetSuite’s SCA platform and Shopify
  • Link building (internal and external)
  • Page management (404s) and managing redirects (301s)
Paid Media

With margin data from NetSuite’s ERP, we can be incredibly scientific with acquiring the right types of users at a cost that makes sense for your business.


  • Managing feed driven platforms like Amazon, Jet, WalMart and eBay off NetSuite ERP data
  • Google Shopping, AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest
  • Retargeting and lookalike audiences

Less is more in social media. We focus on strategic relationships/platforms with complementary brands and the appropriate social channels to connect with your customers.


  • Organic social media prioritization and analytics
  • Affiliate programs and management
  • Online community management

Email is the last online channel you can still own and a growing list with smart segmentation is one of the most valuable assets for any eCommerce business.


  • Onsite email captures and segmentation
  • Event triggered messages and automation
  • Cart abandon, browse recovery, back in stock

NetSuite’s Commerce Agency Program

Certified for digital marketing on SuiteCommerce Advanced


Since 2013, we’ve worked across all versions of NetSuite’s SCA and Bronto platforms to scale e-commerce businesses as the first globally certified firm for digital strategy and UX by NetSuite.

We Offer 3 Tiers of Support

Based on your ecommerce growth goals

Basic - Organic Growth

Perfect for clients who have an in-house team capable of execution and are seeking training and consultation with limited support on execution and analytics. With Basic Support tiers we tend to focus on getting one specific channel performing consistently, like email, and then moving on from there.

Mid - Accelerated Growth

Ideal for clients who want consistent growth and further supplement internal competencies with some execution support across a couple of the channels (SEO, SEM, Email, etc). Here we’re executing the day to day digital marketing campaigns and analytics analysis.

Full - Exponential Growth

Designed for clients who are ready for explosive growth and to build an e-commerce business as a strategic goal. In this engagement, we’re running sophisticated campaigns across all four channels by leveraging the Tadpull Pond software and service to build a full 360° data view of the asset.