Deliver Personalized Marketing Experiences to Accelerate Profitable Growth

Transform insights from your customers into marketing experiences that fuel growth.

We believe that in order to deliver personalized experiences to your customers, you must be able to activate your customer, campaign and catalog data from one central and organized hub.

“Tadpull's Ecommerce Data Pond is an easy-to-use and very helpful app that provides insightful data broken down in ways that are easy to comprehend. I would recommend the software to any ecommerce brand/retailer looking to analyze website data and identify customer trends. Some of my favorite features include easy campaign tracking, NPS score snapshots, easy to read marketing channel performance metrics, and intuitive dashboards for all of your daily/weekly/monthly/yearly ecommerce metrics. It is a one-stop shop for the current state of your business."
Zach Kincaid, Ecommerce Manager

The Ecommerce Data Pond Enables You to


Know Your Customers on an Individual Level

When you use Ecommerce Data Pond you have access to our proprietary customer analytics script, giving you reliable site traffic insights that are yours for longer.
You'll be able to collect, store and take action on your own customer information. This level of attribution allows you to get to know your customers likes and interests so you can market to them more effectively.

Deliver Personalized & Profitable Experiences

Get better ad performance by transforming first- and zero-party data into detailed customer segments.
Fully unlock power of owned channels like email and SMS by appealing to the right customers with the right message.
Running ads in Meta? Ensure your advertising campaigns align with available catalog inventory before you launch. Once live, use Pond to determine which creatives and ad copy resonate most with your specific audience segments.
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Enjoy Consistent Returns

Pond makes it easy to monitor and optimize financial performance. It leverages machine learning and historical data to generate accurate forecasts in real time.
AI helps you see where your business is experiencing the most growth so you can lean into doing more of what’s working. Customer journey visualizations illuminate the most lucrative paths and pinpoint how to shorten the journey.
Have the agility to sell overstocked products without closeout pricing to the right customer.
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Get a growth partner, not just software

Overwhelmed by the data? Tadpull's team of data scientists and strategists are here to help ecommerce businesses succeed. We digest the data and make actionable recommendations that help ecommerce companies grow and thrive.

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We have growth down to a (data) science.

Let's grow together.

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