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Predictive modeling revealed a +40% potential return on Columbus Day for one gear store. What will it show for yours?

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Use our benchmark to uncover holiday trends and hidden opportunities for 2023. Plan for traffic surges and convert more sales through predictive data analysis.


Can you see my site's data or login to my Google Analytics?
No. Your site's data is your business. We take privacy very seriously and all of our software is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

How do you pick the trends?
Our data science and digital marketing teams work closely with clients to listen for what questions investors, CEOs and marketing teams are asking on a daily basis.
Namely, how is revenue changing every 24 hours?
What emerging user behaviors are happening onsite across devices, geography, and loyalty week by week?
Given that ad inventory is suddenly so cheap, does it really return once users are onsite?

Who is participating?
We’ve got a range of merchants large and small and average the data to take these different magnitudes into account. This helps normalize insights from big to small websites.You’ll be in good company here though to take advantage of such scale.As a digital marketer or e-commerce leader, you’re in a position to benefit tremendously by leveraging their insights given their traffic levels and ad spends.

Why Tadpull?
Good question. Our team is equal parts data scientists, digital marketers and software engineers which equips us with unique interdisciplinary talents needed to drive eComm growth off massive datasets. In short, we get to see a lot of sites and a ton of tactics for what works and what doesn’t. In fact, last year we helped deliver digital experiences that drove over $100M in revenue for clients globally. We’re also certified e-commerce partners with Oracle | NetSuite, BigCommerce and Klayvio.