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Secure your e-commerce success:

Preserve crucial sales history with

Tadpull Data Pond + AI for better revenue forecasting.

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Deadline for Retailers: Act by July 2024

As the retail industry evolves with GA4, don't let your valuable sales and customer data vanish. Secure your historical insights with a quick 3-minute setup.

Countdown to GA3 Shutdown

Secure Your Data Now.

Why Preserve Your GA3 Data?

Historical Insights

Leverage past sales data to enhance product placement and promotional strategies, ensuring your e-commerce platform thrives.

Business Continuity

Keep your retail business ahead by using historical sales trends to guide inventory and marketing decisions.


Predict market demands and consumer behavior more accurately by analyzing past e-commerce data, optimizing stock levels and marketing efforts.

The Cost of Inaction

Ignoring the transition could lead to:

Lost Insights

Avoid losing insights on peak shopping periods and buyer preferences—crucial for planning sales and marketing calendars.

Business Impacts

Maintain a resilient retail operation by analyzing past consumer responses to global events, ensuring preparedness for future disruptions.

Technical and Strategic Challenges

Simplify your move to GA4 with tailored solutions for e-commerce, ensuring a seamless transition without data loss.

Tracking Changes

Adapt from a session-based to an event-based data model.

Data Migration Issues

Careful planning is essential for manual data transfer to prevent data loss and to maintain its accuracy.

Resource Allocation

Invest in tools and talent to store data, merge data, and visualize data from these 2 systems together.

Onboard in under 3 minutes!

Data Integrity

Ensure your data’s accuracy and accessibility.

Strategic Continuity

Utilize historical insights to guide future business decisions.

Technical Support

Smooth transition with minimal disruption to your operations.

Why Choose The Pond?


Never Lose Access, Gain Insights with The Pond.

Ease of Use

From Analytics Past to Future: The Pond Makes Transition Effortless.


Future-Proof Your Analytics with a Simple Switch to The Pond.

Centralize Your Analytics

Streamline your retail analytics by centralizing data from various platforms into one comprehensive dashboard with The Pond.

Hear From Our Clients

Their Tadpull Pond software is helping provide us with the data insights and predictive analytics we need to grow this channel in a highly scalable way. We’ve appreciated their tight processes as we look to build out our SEO, Paid and Email efforts and leverage the asset of our data.

VP of Technology
CAT Workwear

Tadpull's approach, from wire-framing designs to blueprinting the digital marketing strategy, has revitalized our brand presence online and positioned our team to deploy sophisticated campaigns with data-centric results.

Director of Marketing
Mystery Ranch

Tadpull’s expertise in applying the power of data science to our ecommerce portfolio investments has yielded a variety of insights and have expanded our analytics capabilities for both value creation and evaluating new opportunities.

Vice President, Digital Channels
Children's Miracle Network

How It Works

Up and running in 3 minutes

1. Sign Up

Sign-up on the form and get contacted by our team.

2. Transfer Data

Securely transfer your GA3 data with zero hassle.

3. Enjoy Insights

Start gaining unique insights from your data immediately.

Unlock Additional Key Features

Insights at a Glance

Explore real-time data visualizations that simplify complex analytics into actionable insights. Our dashboards are designed to help you make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Future Insights & Forecasts

Leverage predictive analytics to anticipate trends and prepare for future market movements. Our forecasting tools provide you with the clarity needed to strategize with confidence.

Unified Analytics Dashboard

View all your key metrics—from Facebook to Google Ads—in one streamlined dashboard. Optimize your strategies and enhance outcomes across platforms with our Unified Analytics Dashboard.

Transform Your Data Worries into Analytics Power

Data Preservation

Keep your invaluable historical insights.

Enhanced Analytics

From Analytics Past to Future: The Pond Makes Transition Effortless.

Industry-Specific Insights

Benefit from unique insights across various industries.

Integrate your data all in one place.

Ready to Secure Your Data?

Your future self will thank you!


1. What is the deadline for securing GA3 data before it's permanently lost?

The deadline is July 2024.

2. Why should I preserve my GA3 data?

Preserving GA3 data allows you to maintain historical insights, ensure business continuity, and aid in forecasting future trends.

3. What are the potential consequences of not transitioning to GA4 and preserving GA3 data?

Ignoring the transition could lead to lost insights, difficulties in understanding shifts in consumer behavior, and technical/strategic challenges in data migration.

4. What does "The Pond" offer in terms of data preservation and transition to GA4?

The Pond offers reliability, ease of use, and future-proofing of analytics. It allows for centralized analytics across various platforms and promises a simple transition from GA3 to GA4.

5. How does The Pond work?

The Pond works by allowing users to sign up, securely transfer their GA3 data, and start gaining insights immediately.

6. What additional features does The Pond offer?

The Pond offers real-time data visualizations, predictive analytics for future insights and forecasts, and a unified analytics dashboard to view key metrics across platforms.

8. How can I get started with securing my data using The Pond?

You can get started by signing up on the provided form and being contacted by the Tadpull team to begin the data transfer process.

7. What industries can benefit from The Pond's services?

The Pond caters to various industries and promises industry-specific insights.

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