Simple Math for Predictable, Profitable Ecommerce Growth

January 3, 2023

Today’s complex ecommerce environment is challenging, to say the least, for brands who want to grow business revenue predictably in 2023.  For brands unsure where to focus attention and investments, we created this guide, Shockingly Simple Math to Boost Your Ecommerce Growth, that will show you which metrics to focus on. 

Executive teams are having conversations about how to navigate new technology and improve customer shopping experiences so they can win against the competition. As they pour over all the data available across tech platforms, many are feeling the effects of data overload. With so many metrics, dashboards, and attribution models at their fingertips, it can feel confusing which metrics really matter and where they should put their focus to create real ecommerce growth. 

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What metrics should brands measure to predictably and profitably grow their ecommerce revenue?

While there are thousands of metrics you could spend time and money analyzing, there is actually a simple formula you can use to determine where to focus effort to create focused, predictable growth. The simple ecommerce growth formula we share below uses three metrics, which allow you to make a real impact on growth without trying to boil the entire ocean all at once.

Focus on These Three Metrics to Increase Ecommerce Revenue in 2023

There are three main metrics that really move the needle when you want to increase ecommerce growth. 

The three metrics that have the biggest impact are: Traffic, Conversion Rate, and Average Order Value.

And the way they work together to increase your revenue is this simple formula:

Learn more in our guide - Shockingly Simple Math to Boost Your Ecommerce Growth

 While this formula is quite simple, don’t be tempted to skip over its significance. 

Using this formula, you can not only forecast your ecommerce revenue, but you can also use it to estimate competitors' momentum or work backward for a view into Amazon’s top-line ecommerce revenue.

To help you learn how to use this formula in your business today, we created a guide you can get here, that dives into each metric and explains: 

  • How using this shockingly simple formula accelerates ecommerce growth
  • How to use the formula to assess where your revenue sits on any given day/month/year
  • What are the most significant variables impacting your revenue today
  • Which variables need adjustments now to help grow your business
  • How to build your action plan for long-term success

Who This Ecommerce Growth Guide is For

Online brands, executive leaders, digital marketing operators, investors, and anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the key components for how brands can increase ecommerce revenue.

Shockingly Simple Math to Boost Your Ecommerce Growth
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