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Data Science Consulting for eCommerce

Uncover the Profit
Hiding In Your Data

“The team's expertise in analytics and data-driven marketing has guided our paid advertising efforts as well as site-wide UX improvements."
Oracle NetSuite
Ned Wonson, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
estimated value created by AI in retail by 2030
(Source: McKinsey Global Institute)

Competing on
Artificial Intelligence

Many of our clients are enjoying massive returns by leveraging the investment of their ERP, eCommerce platform, and customer data with the Tadpull Pond Software platform and our data science team.

These tools set them up to be perfectly positioned for the coming years by owning their own data. That means they are equipped to use machine learning to draw out valuable insights for protecting their profits against competitors and Amazon.

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eCommerce inventory monitoring for profitable marketing campaigns
Make Your Data Work For You

Data Science Driven eCommerce Software

Customer Data

Loyalty is the next horizon. Meet your customers right where they are in their journey.

Inventory Data

Boost profitability by optimizing for top-selling products, high margins, and fast movers.

Campaign Data

Understand the paths, digital channels, timelines and resources that influence a purchase.

The first step is to unify and clean all your data in one place for easy access and analysis.

When you leverage first-party data you can:
Create Personalized Campaigns
Send Messages to the Right Customers
Manage Product Inventory Profitability
Segment Based on Customer Preferences
Build Targeted Ad Campaigns Based on CLTV

Here is where we do the hard work of applying statistical models to predict and guide our efforts off metrics like Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by campaign, site behavior, and optimal inventory mix.

We surface these insights to:
Achieve Higher Customer Lifetime Value
Improve Profitability
Deliver the Right Products at the Right Time
Drive Promotions Off Higher Margin Items

This is the fun part. We simply let the power of AI do its magic and surface the insights that matter for running a profitable eCommerce business.

We help automate:
Customer Feedback Execution
SEO Insights & Strategies
Paid Advertisements
Email & SMS Campaigns
Website Merchandising Decisions
Advanced Customer Segments
Inventory Decisions
Marketing Data Services

Data Science for eCommerce

The data living across eCommerce businesses is a powerful asset that far too often goes unused. Big Tech companies shouldn't be the only ones with the power of data science, in our opinion...

Our team is happy to tackle any of the following eCommerce data science projects:
Price Elasticity
Cluster Analysis
Data Mining
Financial Forecasts
Surveys & Interviews
CLTV Modeling
Profitability Analysis
Propensity Analysis
Attribution Models
Statistical models at the whiteboard

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