Data Science for Ecommerce

Uncover the profit hiding in your data.

Snapping It All Together

The data living across your business is actually a powerful asset but often goes unused given the complexity of all the variables.

But data science shouldn’t be something just left to Big Tech companies in our opinion.

The AI revolution is here and the gold nuggets living in a database are ready to be mined for e-commerce success today.

How We Get Started

A simple 3 part process


The first step is to unify and clean all your data in one place for easy access and analysis. This can include NetSuite ERP, e-commerce insights, digital marketing campaign information and customer data.

All are related in shockingly fascinating ways.


Here is where we do the hard work of applying statistical models to predict and guide our efforts off metrics like Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by campaign, site behavior and optimal inventory mix.


This is the fun part. We simply let the power of AI do its magic and surface the insights that matter for running a great e-commerce business.

As we gain more data and more confidence, we can begin amplifying what to do with increasing confidence across the entire business.

Competing on Artificial Intelligence

Many of our clients are enjoying impressive returns by leveraging the investment of their ERP, e-commerce, and customer data with the Tadpull Pond software platform and our data science team.

All of which sets them up to be extremely well positioned in the coming years over their competitors and against Amazon for owning their data insights.

Billion dollars in value to be created by AI in retail by 2030 (Source McKinsey Global Institute)

Built for NetSuite

From the ground up to take advantage of the cloud

We’ve painstakingly built our software app to tap directly into the data sources on NetSuite’s ERP and SCA platforms to take full advantage of all that rich data across your business.

The Results

Predict Your Best Customers

Better Campaign Performance

Impressive Financials